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19th Century Novel Final Suggestion 2021 | Hons 4th Year, NU English Department

19th Century Novel Final Suggestion 2021 | Hons 4th Year, NU English Department

Hons 4th Year final exam for English department, National University will be held soon. It will be best if you are up and doing right now to score well on the exam. For this, you should not waste your time and pay attention to the completion of your syllabus. Anyway, to help you, we have come up with important content for the 19th Century Novel Final Suggestion for the 2021 Hons 4th Year final examination. For part A, read the suggestion book. We have prepared the following two parts- part C and part B.


Part C Final Suggestion for 19th Century Novel 

Broad Question

    1. Sketch the character of Elizabeth Bennet.
    2. Discuss how Jane Austen reflects the social and economic reality of her age in ‘Pride and Prejudice’.
    3. Discuss the influence of Alee and Angel on the life of Tess. /Compare and contrast the characters of Angle Clare and Alec D’Urberville.
    4. How does Dickens glorify selfless love in A Tale of Two Cities? The character of Sydney Carton.
    5. “A Tale of Two Cities” is a historical novel- discuss.
    6. Show the role of fate in “Tess of the D’ Urbervilles.” / / How far is fate responsible for the tragic life of Tess?
    7. Write a note on Hardy’s treatment of nature in his Tess of the D’Urbervilles.
    8. Write a note on Charlotte’s treatment of childhood in Jane Eyre.
    9. Justify Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre as an anti-romantic novel. / Discuss “Jane Eyre” as a novel dealing with the themes of love and passion.
    10. How does Dickens correlate love and war in his novel A Tale of Two Cities?
    11. Discuss how Wickham- Lydia’s affair affects Darcy-Elizabeth’s relationship.
    12. Love and marriage are the dominant issues focused on in Pride and Prejudice.
    13. Sketch the character of Jane Eyre. / Write a note on the ups and downs of Jane Eyre’s life.
    14. In what sense is Jane Eyre an unconventional /untraditional novel?


Note: For the 19th Century Novel final suggestion 2021, we recommend you thoroughly study 1-9 questions. However, the remaining questions should be read for ideas.

Part B Final Suggestion for 19th Century Novel

Short Questions

    1. How was Jane treated in the reed family?
    2. How did Darcy declare his love for Elizabeth?
    3. Why did Dickens consider the year 1775 as “the best of times and the worst of times”?
    4. Who is responsible for Tess’ death?
    5. How does Brocklehurst ill-treat Jane at Lowood School?
    6. Critically comment on the trial scene in A Tale of Two Cities.
    7. How did Angel react to Tess’ confession of her past?
    8. Write a short note on Tellson Bank.
    9. Why couldn’t Jane and Rochester’s marriage take place at first?
    10. What did Dr. Manette write in his letter of denunciation?
    11. How does Austen show the position of women in the social life of Regency England?
    12. How was the prince killed in Tess of the D’ Urbervilles?
    13. Why was Mrs. Bennet so desperate to see her daughters married?
    14. Describe the attack on the Bastille.
    15. What is the significance of Madame Defarge’s Knitting?
    16. Describe Thronfield Hall.
    17. Why does Jane come back to Mr. Rochester and marry him at last?
    18. Comment on the death of Madame Defarge.
    19. What happened to Jane in the Red room?
    20. How did Jane save Mr. Rochester’s life?


Note: For the 19th Century Novel final suggestion 2021, we recommend you study 3, 5, 7. 8, 10, 13. 14, 15, and 19 questions very well. However, the remaining questions should be read for ideas.

Final Words

Thank you for reading the blog. We hope the content on the 19th Century Novel final suggestion 2021 for National University, English Department shall help you get a better score in the final examination. Please keep reading our blogs to get updates on each subject with hand notes like summary and question answers of parts A, B, and C. To find other subjects’ suggestions, please check the following content on Hons 4th Year English Final Suggestion.


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