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Acquainted with the Night Summary | Robert Frost

Acquainted with the Night Summary | Robert Frost

Wrier’s intro:

Robert Lee Frost (March 26, 1874–January 29, 1963) was a poet from the United States. His work was first published in England, then in the United States. He is well-known for his realistic portrayals of life in the country and his ability to use everyday American speech. All poems of Robert Lee Frost are so important for students of English literature, so we have made Robert Frost’s Acquainted with the Night summary





Acquainted with the Night Summary

The author of this poem has done a lot of nighttime strolling. He turned around and headed home in the pouring rain. Frost has strolled through the city, beyond the lights, and maybe even outside the city as he has observed the lonely, desolate streets. He passed a watchman while walking past, but he didn’t even glance at him since he didn’t want to explain why he was there. He assumed it was for him and stopped to hear a voice calling from another street. The speaker is dissatisfied with the time displayed by the “luminary clock,” which is most likely the moon. He returns to the opening line of the poem towards the conclusion to underline how thoroughly he is familiar with the night. In truth, the night is a wall that prevents people from comprehending all there is to know about the cosmos.




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