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After Apple Picking Summary | Robert Lee Frost

After Apple Picking Summary | Robert Lee Frost

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Robert Lee Frost (March 26, 1874–January 29, 1963) was a poet from the United States. His work was first published in England, then in the United States. He is well-known for his realistic portrayals of life in the country and his ability to use everyday American speech. All poems of Robert Lee Frost are so important for students of English literature, so we have made Robert Frost’s After Apple Picking summary.




After Apple Picking Summary

A man has been gathering apples from a ladder all day. Even though the night is approaching and he is fatigued, he hasn’t plucked every single apple. He recalls the peculiar vision he got that morning while viewing a patch of grass through a piece of ice he had removed from a drinking trough. The man dropped the ice just as everything around him appeared to be melting. He may or may not be nodding off while mugging over these ideas. He considers how his dreams will feature apples.


There are so many apples that he must pick them all while being cautious not to let them fall, and he is getting tired of it. When an apple falls, it must be piled up so that it may be used to produce cider. People believe that such cider apples are almost useless. He believes that his worries about dropping items and apples with little value will keep him awake at night. He wonders if it will be a lengthy, deep slumber like a woodchuck’s hibernation, a state comparable to the deep sleep in which some animals spend the winter, or if it will be merely a regular “human” sleep. The poet’s actual point is that we can’t complete our task, even if we want to, and that we will die with it undone.


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