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American Literature Final Suggestion 2021 | Hons 4th Year, NU English Department

American Literature Final Suggestion 2021 | Hons 4th Year, NU English Department

Hons 4th Year final exam for English department, National University will be held soon. It will be best if you are up and doing right now to score well on the exam. For this, you should not waste your time and pay attention to the completion of your syllabus. Anyway, to help you, we have come up with important content for the American Literature Final Suggestion for the 2021 Hons 4th Year final examination. For part A, read the suggestion book. We have prepared the following two parts- part C and part B.


Part C Final Suggestion for American Literature 

Broad Question

    1. American Literature (Fiction and Drama)
    2. How was Young Goodman Brown taken into the world of evil?
      Or The inherent tendency to the evil of human nature has been depicted in the story “Young Goodman Brown.
      Or Bring out the chief features of the character of Young Goodman Brown.
      Or How is Young Goodman Brown tempted to sin by curiosity?
      Or Bring out the main features of the character of Young Goodman Brown.
    3. Comment on the use of symbols in the story Young Goodman Brown.
    4. Evaluate “The Hairy Ape ” as a modern tragedy
    5.  Consider Yank as a tragic character.
    6. Comment on the crisis of identity and isolation in the novel The Hairy Ape.
    7. Evaluate The Hairy Ape as a social satire.
    8. The Sun Also Rises reflects some of the problems left behind by the first world war.
      Or Evaluate the Sun Also Rises as a fictional chronicle of a ‘lost generation.
      Or “The Sun Also Rises” is a tragic novel-discuss.
    9. What is the significance of the title The Sun Also Rises?
    10. What is the significance of bullfighting and bullfighters in The Sun Also Rises?
    11. Why did Sethe try to kill ‘Beloved’? Discuss the title of the novel Beloved.
      Or Is Sethe’s murder of her own child justified? Discuss in the light of your reading of Beloved by Toni Morrison.
    12. Toni Morrison’s Beloved portrays as institutionalized dehumanization of the Slaves-Elucidate.
      Or What picture of racial violence do you find in Beloved?
      Or How does Toni Morrison present in Beloved the white people’s attitude towards black people in American society?
    13. Critically discuss the role of Paul D in Beloved.
    14. Write a note on American life and society as depicted in Seize the Day.
      Or Discuss Bellow’s attitude towards contemporary American society in ‘Seize the Day.’
    15. Comment on the theme of isolation in the novel Seize the Day.
    16. Do you consider Wilhelm a victimized hero in ‘Seize the Day’?
      Or How did Tommy Wilhelm get his freedom in ‘Seize the Day’?
      Or Evaluate Tommy as the hero of the novel.

Note: For American Literature final suggestion 2021, we recommend you to study 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, and 15 questions very well. However, the remaining questions should be read for ideas.

Part B Final Suggestion for American Literature

Short Questions

    1. What do the pink ribbons signify?
    2. Where does Young Goodman Brown go wrong?
    3. How does Yank meet his tragedy?
    4. What is a surrogate father? Is Dr. Tamkin a surrogate father for Wilhelm?
    5. How does Beloved quickly become a dominant force in Sethe’s house?
    6. Depict the dark side of Salem Village.
    7. Why did Dr. Adler refuse to provide any financial assistance to his son Tommy Wilhelm?
    8. What does the stuff symbolize in “Young Goodman Brown”?
    9. What are the reasons for Wilhelm’s failure in modern competition?
    10. Described Beloved as an allegorical figure.
    11. Is the novel “The Sun Also Rises” a tragedy or a satire? Why?
    12. Why must Young Goodman Brown make his journey into the forest?
    13. Write a short note on Hotel Gloriana.
    14. What does the forest represent in the story “Young Goodman Brown”?
    15. How does Faith try to stop Young Goodman Brown from taking the journey on that evening
    16. Assess the relationship between Dr. Adler and Tommy Wilhelm.
    17. What is the symbolic importance of the character Goody Cloyse in Young Goodman Brown?
    18. Why does Dr. Adler see his son Tommy as a failure?
    19. Do you think that Brett is a sympathetic character? Give reasons.
    20. “You are all a lost generation,”-explain.

Note: For American Literature final suggestion 2021, we recommend you to study 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16- 20 questions very well. However, the remaining questions should be read for ideas.

Final Words

Thank you for reading the blog. We hope the content on the American Literature Final Suggestion 2021 for National University, English Department shall help you get a better score in the final examination. Please keep reading our blogs to get updates on each subject with hand notes like summary and question answers of parts A, B, and C. To find other subjects’ suggestions, please check the following content on Hons 4th Year English Final Suggestion.


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