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Andrea del Sarto Summary | Robert Browning

Andrea del Sarto Summary | Robert Browning

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Robert Browning (1812-1889, Italy, Venice) was an English poet and playwright. He was known as one of the best Victorian poets because he was so good at writing dramatic monologues. Andrea del Sarto was one of his famous poems. So, we make a complete summary of Andrea del Sarto so that you learn the poem’s theme easily.


Andrea del Sarto deals with the success and failure of an Italian painter both in life and art. He struggles with his need for his wife, Lucrezia. Thus, their love for their wife blocks the path to becoming a successful painter.


Andrea del Sarto Summary


Opening Part of the summary

This poem is another dramatic monologue by Browning that is told from the point of view of a Renaissance painter. Andrea del Sarto, like Fra Lippo Lippi, lived and worked in Florence, although a little Lippo was born later, and Francis, King of France, later appointed him court painter. Under the irritating influence of his wife Lucrezia, to whom he speaks in this poem, he left the French court left for Italy but made a commitment to return; he took some cash that Francis had given him with him. some money that Francis had given him to purchase Italian artworks for the court, and also the money advanced to him for his own specially made paintings. 

The middle part of the summary

But he used all the money to buy a house in Italy for himself and his wife and never went back to France. In this poem, Andrea is in the house he bought with the stolen money. He is thinking about his career and lamenting that he hasn’t been able to live up to his promise as an artist because he has been too busy with other things. As he and Lucrezia sit at their window, he tells her about his successes and failures.

He says that Michelangelo (here, Michel Agnolo) and Raphael (here, Rafael) were more inspired and had better patrons, and they didn’t have annoying wives, but he is a better craftsman, and he shows her the flaws in the work of the Great Masters. But even though Andrea is better at painting technically than they are (which is why they call him “The Faultless Painter”), their work wins in the end because of its emotional and spiritual power.

Ending part of the summary of  Andrea del Sarto

Andrea’s career and marriage are both going downhill at the same time. Lucrezia’s “cousin,” who is probably her lover, keeps whistling for her to come. She either owes the man money from gambling or has promised to pay off his debts. Andrea, who is tired, gives her some money, promises to sell paintings to pay off her debts, and sends her to her “Cousin,” while he stays to sit quietly and dream of painting in Heaven.

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