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Batter My Heart Summary | John Donne

Batter My Heart Summary | John Donne

Batter My Heart is a great poem by John Donne. He wrote Batter My Heart where he discusses the theme of salvation. In this following content, you are going to get batter my heart summary. So, let’s enjoy the content.

Writer Intro:

John Donne (Born: January 22, 1572, London, United Kingdom Died: March 31, 1631, London, United Kingdom) was an English poet and priest in the Church of England. He is considered the pre-eminent representative of the metaphysical poets. 


The poet asks for forgiveness and salvation from God, but he expresses his frustration that God hasn’t revealed himself forcefully enough.

The Summary of “Batter My Heart

The first part of “Batter My Heart” summary

Donne’s Holy Sonnet XIV “Batter My Heart” is his earnest plea to his Creator, the Three in One God, called the Holy Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit to deliver him from the clutches of evil Satan and ensure his eternal salvation. He is sunk in the tank of sin and method of persuasion is not going to work on him. The speaker explains that in order to get back up on his feet, he needs God to overthrow him and bend his force to break, blow, and burn him, then remake him. Batter My Heart Summary

The second part of the summary Batter My Heart

Like a town that has been captured by the enemy, which seeks unsuccessfully to admit the army of its partners and friends. The speaker works to admit God into his heart but his heart has been damaged by the Satan. Satan has captured him so strongly that he will not be free until God helps him. He is like a maiden who is engaged to God’s enemy. The speaker says that he loves God dearly and wants to be loved in return. 

The last part of the summary Batter My Heart by Donne

The speaker asks God to “divorce, untie, or break that knot again,” to take him prisoner; for until he is God’s prisoner. He says that he will never be free, and he will never be pure until God frees him. 

Finally, the church is symbolically described as being married to God because the speaker here supports divorce and the female role of love, both of which are found in the New Testament. From this, we might infer that Donne believed the church need further reformation even after the Reformation. This is the end Batter My Heart summary. Thank you so much for reading this summary.

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