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I taste a Liquor Summary | Emily Dickinson

I taste a Liquor Summary | Emily Dickinson

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American poet Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born in Massachusetts’ Amherst. Dickinson spent a large portion of her life alone despite coming from a well-known family with deep links to the neighborhood. So, in the following content, we are going to discuss ‘I taste a Liquor’ Summary.


Theme: Nature, which is introduced by images of alcohol and drunkenness in the poem.


I taste a Liquor Summary

The first part of ‘I taste a Liquor’ Summary

Dickinson’s excellent depiction of being intoxicated after consuming a spirit that is never created may be found in the poem “I Taste a Liquor.” Actually, by “liquor” in this context, we mean the beauty of Nature, which was created by God rather than by any human. She seems to be implying that alcohol-related inebriation is a manufactured and artificial condition.


However, she is not made inebriated by the artificial items. Instead, she is intoxicated by the splendor of nature. Her profound awe of the wonders of nature is beautifully reflected in this poetry. Not just any booze that has ever been created anywhere in the world is in her drink.

The final part of ‘I taste a Liquor’ Summary

“The Rhinee Yield such an alcohol,” she says. She really refers to natural elements like air and dew here. They stand in for Mother Nature. She uses metaphor to express her deep love for Nature. We discover “Debauchee of dew” and “Inebriate of air.” She claims to drink, but what she meant to express is the air and dew found in nature.

When she does, she ultimately claims to sip from “molten blue. “It is simply the beauty of an unending blue sky, not any form of alcohol. In essence, Dickinson here exalts the beauty of Nature, which actually does make her feel drunk like wine does to others.


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