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Jane Eyre summary | Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre summary | Charlotte Brontë

Writer’s intro:

Charlotte Bront was an English novelist and poet, the eldest of three Bront sisters who lived into adulthood and whose novels became English literature classics. She enrolled at Roe Head in January 1831, when she was 14. Jane Eyre is one of his famous novels and the Original title is – Jane Eyre: An Autobiography). We have written the summary of Jane Eyre for the students of English literature. 



Setting: The Northern England Protagonist: Jane Eyre

Antagonist: Her aunt Mrs. Reed, Mr. Brocklehurst, Bertha Manson, Mr. Rochester, and St. John Rivers divided into 38 Chapters.

Theme: Injustice of the rigid class structure, spiritual authenticity vs. self-centered godliness, and the transcendental power of love



Jane Eyre Summary

A young orphan named Jane Eyre resides with Mrs. Reed, a ruthless and wealthy aunt. One of the only persons that treat Jane nicely is the maid Bessie. She entertains her with stories and music. Jane’s aunt locks her in the red room, the location of Jane’s uncle’s death, after a confrontation between Jane and her nasty cousin John Reed.

The spirit of Jane’s uncle may be there when she is confined within. As she faints, she shouts. She is being cared for when she awakens by Bessie and the friendly pharmacist Mr. Lloyd. She should attend school, says Mr. Lloyd to Mrs. Reed. Jane is glad to hear Mrs. Reed’s support.


Jane discovers that her life is everything from quiet after she arrives at the Lowood School. Mr. Brocklehurst, the headmaster of the school, is a vicious, dishonest, and nasty individual. However, Brocklehurst tells his students that they are impoverished and in need, he and his family live in luxury thanks to funds from the school.


Jane encounters Helen Burns, a little girl, in Lowood. Helen dies of consumption due to a severe typhus outbreak that affects Lowood. Mr. Brocklehurst is also forced to leave by the pandemic since it highlights the unsanitary conditions at Lowood. Jane’s life significantly improves once Brocklehurst is replaced with a bunch of more sympathetic guys. She stays at Lowood for a further eight years, spending six as a student and two as a teacher.


Jane wants to try something new after two years of teaching. She accepts a position as a governess at a place called Thornfield, where she instructs a vivacious Adèle, a French child.



The second part of Jane Eyre Summary

Mrs. Fairfax manages the estate, as a well-known housekeeper. Rochester is a dark, passionate guy who works as Jane’s employer at Thornfield, and Jane secretly develops feelings for him. One night, she helps Rochester escape a fire that he claims was sparked by a drunken servant named Grace Poole.

believes that Grace Poole hasn’t heard the entire account, though, because she still works at Thornfield. When Rochester takes Blanche Ingram, a stunning but cruel lady, home, Jane loses all hope. Jane anticipates that Rochester will propose to Blanche. Instead, Rochester proposes to Jane, and she almost declines his proposal.


Mr. Mason yells that Rochester is already married as Jane and Mr. Rochester prepare to exchange vows on the wedding day. Mason claims that he is his wife Bertha’s sister-in-law. According to Mr. Mason, Rochester’s wife Bertha, whom he wed in Jamaica when he was a young man, is still living.


Although Rochester agrees with Mason’s assessment, he asserts that Bertha has lost her mind. He returns with the wedding party to Thornfield, where they see Bertha Mason, a mad woman who is crawling around on all fours and snarling like an animal. Rochester conceals Bertha on the third floor of Thornfield and hires Grace Poole to watch over his wife. The strange fire that appeared at the beginning of the narrative was started by Bertha. Jane departs Thornfield since she is aware that she cannot be with Rochester.


Jane must sleep outside and rely on begging since she is poor and hungry. Finally, three brothers and sisters took her, who reside in a mansion that is occasionally referred to as Marsh End and other times as Moor House.


The third part of Jane Eyre’s summary

Their names are Mary, Diana, and St. John (pronounced “Sinjin”) Rivers, and Jane quickly makes friends with all three of them.  A pastor named St. John helps Jane land a position as an instructor at a charity school in Morton. One day he tells her that her uncle John Eyre passed away and left her 20,000 pounds. This has taken her by surprise. When Jane inquires as to how he learned of the news, he further surprises her by revealing that her uncle was also his uncle. The Riverses and Jane are related. 


Jane makes the quick decision to give her three new cousins her fortune. St. John plans to embark on a missionary journey to India, and he begs Jane to accompany him as his wife. Though Jane is willing to travel to India, she does not want to wed her cousin since she does not genuinely love him. She almost caves as St. John prods her to reconsider.

4th part of Jane Eyre’s summary

However, she realizes she can’t leave the guy she truly loves behind when she overhears Rochester shouting her name one night over the moors. When Jane returns to Thornfield straight away, she discovers that Bertha Mason has destroyed it. In the fire, Bertha perished. Rochester managed to save the servants, but in the process, he also lost his sight and one of his hands. Jane then goes to Ferndean, Rochester’s new residence, where he resides with two domestic helpers – John and Mary.


Rochester and Jane begin to reconnect in Ferndean, and they soon get married. Jane writes after her tale that she and Rochester have been wed for 10 blissful years and that their life together is ideal. She claims that Rochester was able to witness the birth of their first son after recovering from his two-year blindness and having his sight restored in one eye.


Character list

Jane Eyre –  The protagonist and narrator of the novel, Jane is an intelligent, honest, plain-featured young girl forced to contend with oppression, inequality, and hardship

Edward Rochester –  Jane’s employer and the master of Thornfield, Rochester is a wealthy, passionate man with a dark secret that provides much of the novel’s suspense. He is a married man but finally marries Jane.

St. John Rivers –  Along with his sisters, Mary and Diana, St. John (pronounced “Sinjin”) serve as Jane’s benefactor after she runs away from Thornfield, giving her food and shelter. 

Mrs. Reed  –  Mrs. Reed is Jane’s cruel aunt, who raises her at Gateshead Hall until Jane is sent away to school at age ten. Later in her life, Jane attempts reconciliation with her aunt, but the old woman continues to resent her because her husband had always loved Jane more than his children. 

Georgiana Reed – Eliza Reed –John Reed –  Jane’s cousins. Mrs. Reed’s Children.

Helen Burns –  Helen Burns is Jane’s close friend at the Lowood School. Helen dies of consumption in Jane’s arms.


Mr. Brocklehurst – 

Mr. Brocklehurst, the cruel, hypocritical master of the Lowood School.

Maria Temple –  Maria Temple is a kind teacher at Lowood, who treats Jane and Helen with respect and compassion. 

Alice Fairfax –  Alice Fairfax is the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall. 

Bertha Mason –  Rochester’s secret wife, Bertha Mason is a formerly beautiful and wealthy Creole woman who has become insane, violent, and bestial. 

Grace Poole –  Bertha Mason’s keeper at Thornfield, whose drunken carelessness frequently allows Bertha to escape. 

Adèle Varens –  Jane’s pupil at Thornfield, Adèle Varens is a lively though somewhat spoiled child from France. Rochester brought her to Thornfield after her mother, Celine, abandoned her. Although Celine was once Rochester’s mistress, he does not believe himself to be Adèle’s father. 

Celine Varens –  Celine Varens is a French opera dancer with whom Rochester once had an affair. Although Rochester does not believe Celine’s claims that he fathered her daughter Adèle, he nonetheless brought the girl to England when Celine abandoned her. 

Richard Mason –  Richard Mason is Bertha’s brother. After learning of Rochester’s intent to marry Jane, Mason arrives with the solicitor Briggs to thwart the wedding and reveal the truth of Rochester’s prior marriage. 



Mr. Briggs

Mr. Briggs –  John Eyre’s attorney, Mr. Briggs helps Richard Mason prevent Jane’s wedding to Rochester when he learns of the existence of Bertha Mason, Rochester’s wife. After John Eyre’s death, Briggs searches for Jane to give her her inheritance. 

Blanche Ingram –  Blanche Ingram is a beautiful socialite who despises Jane and hopes to marry Rochester for his money. 

Diana Rivers –  Mary Rivers –  Jane’s cousin, the sisters of St. John.

John Eyre –: Jane’s paternal uncle, who leaves her his vast fortune and wishes to adopt her when she was 15. Mrs. Reed prevented the adoption out of spite toward Jane

Uncle Reed –  Uncle Reed is Mrs. Reed’s late husband. In her childhood, Jane believes that she feels the presence of his ghost. Because he was always fond of Jane and her mother (his sister), Uncle Reed made his wife promise that she would raise Jane as her child. It is a promise that Mrs. Reed does not keep. 


This is the end of  Jane Eyre’s summary. You can read more summaries from 19th-century novels.

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