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Literary Criticism 4th Year Final Suggestion 2021 | NU English Department

Literary Criticism 4th Year Final Suggestion 2021 | NU English Department

Hons 4th Year final exam for English department, National University will be held soon. It will be best if you are up and doing right now to score well on the exam. For this, you should not waste your time and pay attention to the completion of your syllabus. Anyway, to help you, we have come up with important content for the Literary Criticism 4th Year Final Suggestion for the 2021 Hons 4th Year final examination. For part A, read the suggestion book. We have prepared the following two parts- part C and part B.


Part C Final Suggestion for Literary Criticism 4th Year

Broad Question

    1. What, according to Matthew Arnold, are the functions of poetry? How far are they acceptable?
    2. What method does Eliot suggest for the assessment of the poets wrongly called the metaphysical by Johnson? What would such a method lead to?
    3. How does Edward Said show culture as an instrument of imperialism?
    4. How is the rise of English connected with the growth and consolidation of Imperialism? Explain.
    5. Do you agree with Matthew Arnold that poetry is the criticism of life? Give reasons for your answer.
    6. What is the nature of Western Imperialism highlighted by Edward Said in his ‘Introduction’ to Culture and Imperialism?
      Or What made Said write his book Culture and Imperialism?
    7. Discuss the evolution of English from the 18th century to the resent with reference to Terry Eagleton’s The rise of English.
    8. What does Eliot mean by ‘Dissociation of sensibility’? Discuss.
    9. How does Eliot refute Johnson’s remark on the poet, whom he classified as metaphysical?
      Or Why does T.S. Eliot praise Donne’s ability to unify the intellectual thoughts and sensation of feeling?
    10. Discuss the role of the English novels perpetuating imperial rule.
    11. Bring out how Eagleton links the rise of English to the crisis in modern civilization.
    12. What is the influence of post-colonialism on Edward Said?
    13. Discuss Mathew Arnold’s views on the characteristics of good poetry.
    14. Discuss the prose style of Terry Eagleton with reference to “The rise of English.”

Note: For Literary Criticism 4th year final suggestion 2021, we recommend you to study 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 13 questions very well. However, the remaining questions should be read for ideas.

Part B Final Suggestion for Literary Criticism 4th Year 

Short Questions

    1. Why does Arnold call the 18th century an age of prose and reason?
    2. What is Eliot’s assessment of Johnson as a critic of the metaphysical poets?
    3. Why does Edward Said call his culture and imperialism an exile’s book?
    4. How did the development of English help British Imperialism flourish in the 19th century and onwards?
    5. What are the limitations of Victorian criticism?
    6. How does Eliot distinguish between ‘the unification of sensibility’ and ‘the dissociation of sensibility?
    7. Why was the scrutiny project an absurd movement in the context of the rise of English?
    8. How does Arnold describe 18th-century literature?
    9. What is Arnold’s view of Chaucer as a poet?
    10. Why does Edward Said admire Joseph Conrad?
    11. Trace after Edward Said the relationship between the novel and the Western Empire?
    12. What is the touchstone method?
    13. How, according to Edward Said, does culture serve as an instrument of imperialism?
    14. Make a comparison between Metaphysical poets and Modern poets.
    15. What, according to Eagleton, was the literary background of eighteenth-century England?
    16. What is Eagleton’s attitude to romanticism?

Note: For Literary Criticism 4th year final suggestion 2021, we recommend you to study 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, and 16 questions very well. However, the remaining questions should be read for ideas.


Final Words

Thank you for reading the blog. We hope the content on the Literary Criticism 4th Year Final Suggestion 2021 for National University, English Department shall help you get a better score in the final examination. Please keep reading our blogs to get updates on each subject with hand notes like summary and question answers of parts A, B, and C. To find other subjects’ suggestions, please check the following content on Hons 4th Year English Final Suggestion.


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