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Mending Wall Summary | Robert Frost

Mending Wall Summary | Robert Frost

Wrier’s intro:

Robert Lee Frost (March 26, 1874–January 29, 1963) was a poet from the United States. His work was first published in England, then in the United States. He is well-known for his realistic portrayals of life in the country and his ability to use everyday American speech. All poems of Robert Lee Frost are so important for students of English literature, so we have made Robert Frost’s Mending Wall summary.



Mending Wall Summary

The speaker informs us right away that there is a problem with the nation. He and his neighbor had to traverse the stone wall separating their homes every spring to mend any locations where the wall had collapsed. The youthful or modern man who is our speaker then begins to ponder the purpose of walls. They don’t have any cows, he claims, which wouldn’t be good for the soil. He plants apples, and his neighbor grows pine trees.


However, his neighbor, who is probably elderly and out-of-date, asserts that “good fences make good neighbors.” The speaker is feeling a little mischievous due to the springtime weather. He thinks, he may try to convince his neighbor not to construct the wall.


His neighbor appears to be a frightening Neanderthal as he repeatedly shouts, “Good fences make good neighbors,” while hammering a rock into the wall. In reality, Frost creates two distinct characters in the poem, each of whom has a different perspective on what constitutes a good neighbor. The older generation believes that regulations are essential for a worry- and problem-free brotherhood, whereas the younger generation believes that there should be no rules in brotherhood.






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