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Of Plantation Summary

Of Plantation Summary

Francis Bacon (1561–1626) is an English author of the Renaissance period. He wrote ”Of Plantation” and in the following content, you are going to get Of Plantation summary. So, Let’s enjoy the content.

People think that Francis Bacon, who wrote in English, was the best at writing prose. Every one of Bacon’s essays has real-world moral and useful knowledge. All of his essays make people want to read them. ”Of Plantation” is one of his most influential essays where he talks about 

The Summary of “Of Plantation

Essays by Francis Bacon have straightforward titles and cover topics that can be understood by any man. This is relevant to Bacon’s “Of Plantations,” as there was a growing fascination with the idea of conquering the New World and setting up plantations even during his lifetime.

The first part of “of plantation” summary

The publication of ”Of Plantation” attests to the era’s growing fascination with English colonization of the New World. Making a profit from the land was a big factor for the initial English settlement in the New World at Jamestown (1607).

However, starvation and drought only took their toll on the settlers a few years after they arrived. Many of them perished from hunger since they lacked the expertise to raise and nurture their own food and instead had to rely on cattle for survival.

The second part of the summary Of Plantation

In order to survive, they had to figure out how to put the land to productive use, which led to the development of plantations. Plantations produced more than simply food, though.

They discussed the importance of community to the settlers and their desire to build one. This article is representative of the colonists’ overarching goal of making a good start in the New World.

The last part of the summary Of Plantation by Bacon

Bacon’s awareness of his historical moment is evident in his essay “Of Plantation.” This essay draws parallels between plantation and classic and heroic literature. Among his many points is that planting is crucial.

Even colonial methods are brought up for discussion. He likens colonization to forest restoration. It will take a long time, he believes, before colonization brings monetary rewards like trees.

In this essay on colonization, Bacon discusses what should be done about the natives highlighted. He likes to start with a clean slate. Bacon recommends starting to plant less labor-intensive crops such as beans rather than corn “because they serve for meat as well as bread”. This is the end Of Plantation summary. Thank you so much for reading this summary.

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