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Of Revenge Summary | Francis Bacon

Of Revenge Summary | Francis Bacon

In this article, we’ll be discussing Francis Bacon’s “Of Revenge.” We’ll be looking at the main ideas and themes of the piece, as well as giving a brief summary. We’ll also be discussing what makes this essay so memorable and important. We have divided the summary into three parts so you can read and memorize the summary Of Revenge easily.  So, if you’re interested in learning more about “Of Revenge,” then keep reading!


The Summary of “Of Revenge”


The first part of “Of Revenge” summary

Bacon thinks that revenge goes against both God’s morality and the way people should treat each other. Bacon makes a strong case that getting even hurts more than it helps. The first sentence of the essay is a criticism of revenge. “Revenge is a type of savage justice,” it reads. The more man’s nature runs to it, the more the law should weed it out.” This means that getting revenge is not civilized and leads to chaos. In a society where the rule of law is most important, revenge has no place. According to Bacon, revenge is bad and forgiveness is good, but there are times when revenge is acceptable.


Bacon makes a case for forgiveness by saying that forgiving an enemy show that you are a better person. A man can make up with an enemy by getting his own back. But by not taking revenge, he shows that he is a better person than his enemy. Forgiving an enemy show that you have a good heart. A man commits a crime in order to make money, for fun, to get a better job, or for any other similar reason. So, there’s no reason to be mad at a man just because he’s self-centered. And if a person does something wrong just because he wants to, it is best to ignore him because he is like a thorn or briar, which hurts but doesn’t help.


The Second part of the summary Of Revenge

In one sentence, Bacon says that revenge is wrong, and in the next, he tells people how to get their own back. This is a good way to act. Bacon says, “The most tolerable kind of revenge is for wrongs for which there is no law.” But he says that this revenge should be taken very carefully so that the person taking it doesn’t get caught by the law, which would give his enemy a double advantage. He says that it is kind of the revenger to tell the victim his name because the pleasure of revenge isn’t so much in causing pain as it is in getting the other person to realize he was wrong.


Bacon doesn’t like sneaky cowards because they hide their identity from the person they want to hurt, which defeats the purpose of revenge. He says, “But dirty and sneaky cowards are like an arrow that flies in the dark.” Bacon uses the different points of view of Cosmus and Job to show another part of revenge. Cosmus says that a wrong done by a friend is worse than a wrong done by an enemy. Job, on the other hand, thinks that if we expect good things from our friends, we should also be ready to forgive them if they hurt us. So, as Bacon seems to imply, it is kind to forgive our friends, and doing so strengthens the bonds between people. Near the end of the essay, Bacon makes a difference between public and private vengeance. A lot of money has been made because some important people were killed.


The third part of the summary Of Revenge by Bacon

Bacon is right when he says that Augustus, who avenged the death of Julius Caesar, Septimius Severus, who avenged the death of Pertinax, and Henry IV, who avenged the death of Henry III, all lived long and happy lives. Also, their countries have earned respect in this area. On the other hand, Bacon is against getting your own back. He thinks that someone who is always thinking about getting revenge and doing violent things is like a witch. A witch dies too soon, and a person who wants to get even also dies too soon.

The essay shows how much Bacon knows about many different things. He uses stories from history and the Bible to show how his points are true. There are many examples, comparisons, and metaphors. There is a saying that compares men with bad attitudes to thorns and briars that poke and scratch.

People who want to exact revenge but do so in secret are like an arrow in the dark. There is a parallel between revenge seekers and witches, both of whom are executed for unethical behavior. There is no such thing as difficult-to-understand reasoning. The sentences are brief but dense with meaning. The style is concise, and the sentences are well-written.

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