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Pied Beauty Summary | GM Hopkins

Pied Beauty Summary | GM Hopkins

GM Hopkins has written Pied Beauty, a 16th & 17th century poem where he has highlights the unity of holiness and truth. So, in this content, we are going to discusses Pied Beauty summary. Let’s enjoy the content.

About Writer’s

GM Hopkins – (28 July 1844 – 8 June 1889) Gerard Manley Hopkins was an English poet, convert to Catholicism and the leading Victorian poets. 


Pied Beauty deals with the theme of the poet’s glorification of God for creating the dappled things.

Pied Beauty Summary

Start the first part of Pied Beauty Summary

The poem deals with the poet’s urge to praise God for his multicolored creation. Basically, this is the Pied Beauty summary. The poem opens with an offering: “Glory be to God for dappled things.” He includes the spotted white and blue colors of the sky, the dotted sign of a cow, and the scrap of contrasting color on a trout (a kind of fish spotted on its body. 

The main part summary

The chestnuts present a little more delicate image; as they break, the hard shell cracks open to show the meaty interior, making them reminiscent of the embers in a fire that are black on the exterior but burning on the inside. The wings of finches (birds) are multicolored. Even the farmlands look different according to whether they are planted and green, uncultivated, or freshly plowed. 

Last part Summary of Pied Beauty

As a last illustration, consider the wide variety of tools and supplies used in various “trades” and human occupations. The poet has just expressed his ideas of God’s creating. They are very normal and trifle things. But, they have got varieties in colour. They are all, he strongly affirms, creations of God. Whatever God has made, dappled or not dappled, we must praise Him. 

Pied Beauty’ captures Browning’s main philosophies – life is always bigger than art and love is the best thing in life. This is the end of our content, Pied Beauty Summary. Thank you for reading the content. Anyway, if you want to read more summaries from Victorian Poetry and Eighteenth Century Fiction, please check the following articles:

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