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Restoration & 18th Century Fiction Final Suggestion | Hons 3rd Year, NU English Department

Restoration & 18th Century Fiction Final Suggestion | Hons 3rd Year, NU English Department

Hons 3rd Year final exam for English department, National University will be held soon. It will be best if you are up and doing right now to score well on the exam. For this, you should not waste your time and pay attention to the completion of your syllabus. Anyway, to help you, we have come up with the important content for the Restoration & 18th Century Fiction Final Suggestion for the 2021 Hons 3rd Year final examination. For part A, read the suggestion book. We have prepared the following two parts- part C and part B.

Part C Final Suggestion for Restoration & 18th Century Fiction 

1. How does Swift satirize contemporary politics in the voyage to Lilliput and Brobdingnag?
2. Discuss man’s regeneration of faith in divinity in “Robinson Crusoe”
Or Discuss “Robinson Crusoe” as the representation of human life.
Or Discuss the theme of sin, punishment, and repentance in “Robinson Crusoe”.
3. Sketch the character of Oroonoko.
4. Discuss colonialism in Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe”.
Or Is Crusoe a colonist?
5. Comment on the disclosure of Tom’s parentage at the end of the novel Tom Jones.
6. Do you think Jonathan Swift is a misanthropist or a humanist? Justify your answer.
7. What is Fielding’s concept of morality and sexuality as it is found in Tom Jones?
8. Robinson Crusoe is a man of action rather than a man of thought-discuss.
9. Discuss the major themes of Oroonoko.
10. Discuss the theme of commerce in “Robinson Crusoe”.
11. Why is “Oroonoko” considered to be an anti-colonial novel?
Or, discuss the theme of anti-colonialism in Aphra Behn’s “Oroonoko”.
12. Discuss the art of Characterization in Tom Jones.
13. How does Fielding reflect the mid-18th-century social picture of England?
14. Swift’s use of Lameul Gulliver as a narrator and an observer-discuss.
15. Discuss Gulliver’s Travels as a neurotic phantasy.

The important questions for Hons 3rd Year Final Examination: 1-7, 11

Part B Final Suggestion for Restoration & 18th Century Fiction

1. How did Gulliver reach the country of the Lilliputians?
2. How did Crusoe keep a note of his passing days on the island?
3. What discovery was made about the parentage of Tom?
4. Why does Oroonoko take up arms again?
5. What was the common feature of people, animals, and trees in Lilliput?
6. How did Oroonoko plan a slave revolt?
7. How was Gulliver fed by the Lilliputians?
8. How did Tom get shelter in Allworthy’s house?
9. Why did Caesar surrender to Byam?
10. How did Crusoe produce corn in that deserted land?
11. How did Tom get imprisoned?
12. Why did Gulliver want to leave Laputa?
13. Write a short note on the Houyhnhnms.
14. How did Crusoe become a slave to the merchant?
15. Write the footprint episode in Robinson Crusoe.
16. Why did squire Allworthy banish Tom Jones from his house?
17. Who were the Big Endians and little Endians?
18. How did Crusoe approach God for his sin of disobedience?
19. How does Oroonoko fall in love with Imoinda?
20. How did the king react when Gulliver proposed he produces gunpowder to be more powerful?


The important questions for Hons 3rd Year Final Examination: 1-4, 6-9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20


Final Words

Thank you for reading the blog. We hope the content on Restoration & 18th Century Fiction Final Suggestion for National University, English Department shall help you get a better score in the final examination. Please keep reading our blogs to get updates on each subject with hand notes like summary and question answers of parts A, B, and C. To find other subjects’ suggestions, please check the following content on Hons 3rd Year English Final Suggestion.


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