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Spring and Fall Summary | GM Hopkins

Spring and Fall Summary | GM Hopkins

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GM Hopkins – (28 July 1844 – 8 June 1889) Gerard Manley Hopkins was an English poet, who convert to Catholicism and was one the leading Victorian poets.  Spring and Fall were one of his famous poems. So, it was very important to read about the summary of the Spring and Fall Summary.



Spring and Fall deals with the cruel reality of human life- death which certainly comes to everyone and takes us to its eternal world.


Spring and Fall Summary

The poem deals with the harsh reality of human life. It also shows the transfer of man from innocence to maturity.  Here Spring, the season of growth is compared to human life while Fall, the season of leaves falling is compared to the death of a human being. Fall is also compared to the original sin of Adam for which he had to fall from Eden.


It starts with a question to a girl child Margaret who is crying over Goldengrove. It is a tree with golden color, whose name suggests an idyllic play world that is losing its leaves as winter approaches. And the child, with her fresh thoughts, cares about the leaves. The leaves stand for human beings.  The speaker says that the worlds of the forest will lie in the leafless ground. The youngster will cry then, too, but for an understanding of what is happening.


It is because it will get maturity with time. That is, though neither her mouth nor her mind can yet say the fact as clearly as her adult self-will when she will be matured.  Finally, Margaret gets maturity and is already mourning over her own mortality because she will have to be the fallen leaves. Actually, death and decay are inevitable to every human being although we do not express it by mouth, our heart knows the harsh and cruel truth of life.


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