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The Sun Rising Summary | John Donne

The Sun Rising Summary | John Donne

The Sun Rising is a great poem by John Donne. In this poem, he apostrophises (i.e. addresses in a rhetorical manner) the sun as it peeks through the curtains in the morning, disturbing him and his lover as they lounge around in bed. So, in this content, we shall discuss The Sun Rising Summary.

Writer Intro:

John Donne (Born: January 22, 1572, London, United Kingdom Died: March 31, 1631, London, United Kingdom) was an English poet and priest in the Church of England. The pre-eminent representative of metaphysical poets are consider him.

Summary of “The Sun Rising”

“The Sun Rising” is a metaphysical poem of Donne. John Donne starts with an angry mood at the sun. He is furious at being bothered by its radiance and tells it to go away and bother other, less important people. He tells the sun that love has nothing to do with how the sun moves or how the seasons change. So, he forbids the sun to disturb other.

Then he gets really arrogant. He boasts that he is superior to the sun and more powerful than the bright star since he can just close his eyes to obscure it. He’s so important that the sun gets told to take a peek around and find out that everyone on Earth sleeps in Donne’s bed.

He expands on this idea, telling the sun that he and his lady are all the countries and kings in the world combined, and that everything else is just pretending to be them. At the end, he feels sorry for the sun and tells it it no longer has such a difficult task. The sun doesn’t have to go out of its way to shine on the pair because the entire world has been reduced to one chamber.

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