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The Windhover Summary | GM Hopkins

The Windhover Summary | GM Hopkins

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GM Hopkins – (28 July 1844 – 8 June 1889) Gerard Manley Hopkins was an English poet, who convert to Catholicism and was one the leading Victorian poets. The Windhover was one of his greatest poems. So, it was very important to read the summary of The Windhover.



The Windhover deals with the theme of the strength and perfection of nature, as well as the strength and praise of Jesus Christ.


The Windhover Summary

The poem “Windhover” is a simple and short poem by Hopkins. It deals with the manifestation of God in nature. According to the poet, a Windhover is a bird or a rider that is hovering or flying with the wind or air. Windhovers can hover in place in the air while they scrutinize the ground for prey. The speaker watches the Windhover riding the wind like a horse on the ground.


The bird’s stunning appearance and impressive strength left him speechless. A falcon the poet has seen is the subject of this poem. The poem describes a falcon the poet has observed. The poem describes how majestic the falcon is. He compares it to Jesus, in beauty, strength, bravery, and action. Seeing the bird, the poet can easily remind the power and creativity of God.

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