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To a Skylark Summary | P. B. Shelley

To a Skylark Summary | P. B. Shelley

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Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822) was an important English Romantic poet. Some people think he is one of the best lyric and philosophical poets in the English language and one of the most significant and revolutionary poets. “To a Skylark Summary” is more important to students of English literature.





To a Skylark summary

Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem “To a Skylark” is an ode to the singing and carefree spirit of a skylark and to the fact that humans can never reach the same level of happiness. The first thing that happens in the poem is that the speaker sees a skylark flying above him. He can make out every word of the song and the bird’s song is beautiful, but it was not planned.


The second part of To a Skylark Summary

Shelley is stunned by the bird’s music and mesmerized by how it moves as it flies into the clouds and out of sight. Even though he can no longer see it, he can still hear it and feel its presence. The bird is a symbol of the pure, uncontrolled happiness that Shelley wants so badly. This worry comes out in the next few lines. The poet then uses several metaphors to try to figure out what the bird is and what he can accurately compare it to.


He thinks of the bird as a “high-born maiden” who sings to her lover below her and sends spring showers that fall on the flowers below. The skylark is like a “rainbow cloud” and is the most joyful thing there is. In the next part of the ode, the poet asks the skylark what makes it sing such beautiful songs. Shelley has never seen or heard anything that could make his voice sound like that.



The final part of To a Skylark Summary

He says that for a creature to be able to sing in this way. And it must have never been sad or annoyed. The bird must be able to see beyond life, know what death is, and not be afraid of it. This is why it’s possible that people will never be as happy as the skylark. We want things we don’t have, and even our most beautiful songs are full of sad thoughts.


At the end of the poem, the poet begs the bird to teach him half of the joy that the bird’s brain must know. Even that small amount would give Shelley the power to create “harmonious madness” that would make everyone listen to him as carefully as he is listening to the skylark right now.



The theme of Shelley’s poem “To a Skylark” is the power of nature to transform men’s lives. Specifically through the medium of poetry.



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