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Best Spoken English Course in Narayanganj | Speak English with correct pronunciation and fluency.

Best Spoken English Course in Narayanganj | Speak English with correct pronunciation and fluency.

Hey there, language explorer! Are you in search of the best spoken English course in Narayanganj? If so, then you are welcome in English with Saddam, one of the best training centers for learning the English language. Get ready for a cool English adventure. Imagine spending 66 hours in 44 classes, three times a week. That’s the secret recipe to becoming a pro at English talk! We won’t make it too tricky – just lots of fun ways to make you a language superstar. Let’s make English easy, exciting, and your new favorite thing to chat in!


Best Spoken English Course in Narayanganj


✅Class Duration: 66 Hours

✅Total Classes: 44

✅Class Per Week: 3

✅Address: English with Saddam, 7 Allama Iqbal Road, Narayanganj

✅Contact: 01924980040 (Whatsapp), 01620611466


Daily Tasks in Class

Day 1st 10 Mins 2nd 10-15 Mins 3rd 10 Mins Rest of the Time
1st Day Sound Practice Speaking Sentence Structure Drill Class Topic
2nd Day Listening Speaking Sentence Structure Drill Class Topic


Daily Tasks in Class in Detail: We will follow a consistent daily routine for our class time. Each week, we will start with the “1st Day Routine” in the first class, proceed to the “2nd Day Routine” in the second class, and so on. At the end of the week, we will return to the “1st Day Routine” in the last class. This cyclic approach will help enhance our English-speaking skills progressively throughout the course.


Spoken English Course Content 

Unit No Unit Name Total Topics Total Class
Unit One Basic Foundations 5 9
Unit Two Grammar and Vocabulary 6 12
Unit Three Listening and Speaking Skills 5 9
Unit Four Smart Presentation 2 3
Unit Five Advanced Grammar and Writing 4 6
Unit Six Exam Preparation and Assessments 2 5
Total: 24 Topics 44 Classes


Unit One: Basic Foundations


✅Introduction and Greetings


  • Class 01: Basic greetings, introductions, and common expressions
  • Class 02: The English alphabet, pronunciation, the art of reading smartly


✅Break the Ice (Stage 1)


  • Class 03: Talk about anything in English

(This will be an ongoing topic through the end of the course)


✅Numbers and Time


  • Class 04: Numbers, dates, and telling time
  • Class 05: Days of the week and months


✅Basic Vocabulary and Questions


  • Class 06: Essential vocabulary and simple sentence structures
  • Class 07: Forming questions and answers


✅Nouns & Pronouns


  • Class 08: Introduction to nouns
  • Class 09: Introduction to pronouns


Unit 2: Grammar and Vocabulary


✅Verbs and Tenses


  • Class 10: Introduction to verbs and present simple tense
  • Class 11: Present continuous tense and action verbs
  • Class 12: Present perfect tense


✅Adjectives & Adverbs


  • Class 13: Adjectives, and comparative forms
  • Class 14: Adverbs and their uses


✅Articles, and Prepositions


  • Class 15: Articles
  • Class 16: Prepositions and common phrases


✅Building Vocabulary


  • Class 17: Expanding vocabulary on daily life topics
  • Class 18: Idioms and expressions


✅Conversation and Role Play


  • Class 19: Role plays and practical conversations
  • Class 20: Expressing likes, dislikes, and preferences


✅Break the Ice (Stage II)


  • Class 21: Talk about anything in English


Unit 3: Listening and Speaking Skills


✅Daily Life Conversations


  • Class 22: Conversational practice on daily activities
  • Class 23: Giving directions and making plans


✅Break the Ice (Stage III)


  • Class 24: Talk about anything in English


✅Describing People and Places


  • Class 25: Vocabulary for describing people and places
  • Class 26: Descriptive conversations and exercises


✅Listening and Discussion


  • Class 27: Listening comprehension exercises
  • Class 28: Discussions based on listening material


✅Writing Email & Common Topics


  • Class 29: Basic writing skills, including emails and short texts
  • Class 30: Common topic writing


Unit 4: Smart English Presentation


✅Individual Speech


  • Class 31: Opening Speech, Types of English speeches, how to create them, & Concluding Speech


✅Anchoring Speech


  • Class 32: Program Opening Speech, Calling Someone, Thanking Someone, Program Concluding Speech
  • Class 33: DO’s and DONT’s to become a perfect presenter


Unit 5: Advanced Grammar and Writing


✅Past Tenses


  • Class 34: Introduction to past tenses (simple past, past continuous)
  • Writing and speaking about past events


✅Future Tenses


  • Class 35: Future tenses (going to, will, present continuous for future)
  • Expressing future plans and intentions


✅Advanced Writing


  • Class 36: Writing essays and longer texts
  • Class 37: Resume and cover letter writing


✅Reading and Comprehension


  • Class 38: Reading comprehension exercises
  • Class 39: Analyzing and discussing articles, stories, or news


Unit 6: Exam Preparation and Assessments


✅Review and Practice


  • Class 40: Review of all topics and concepts covered
  • Class 41: Practice exams for listening, speaking, and writing


✅Final Assessments


  • Class 42: Speaking exam: students present a topic
  • Class 43: Writing exam: Resume and Cover Letter, Email and essay writing
  • Class 44: Listening and reading comprehension exams


Please read carefully: If you do not continue the class regularly and complete the homework, it will be difficult for me and you to get the real essence of the course. Your course will remain useless and unsatisfactory.


Welcome to English with Saddam to discover the difference.  You’re on your way to becoming an English superstar. By doing our best Spoken English course in Narayanganj, within 66 hours and 44 classes, you’ll be chatting in English like a pro. Whether it’s for schools college, university, or office, making new friends or colleagues, or building communication, we’ve got your back. So get ready for a ride where English becomes your cool sidekick. Let’s chat up a storm and make your English shine in Narayanganj!

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