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Death of Sir Roger Summary | Joseph Addison

Death of Sir Roger Summary | Joseph Addison

An English author and politician, Joseph Addison (1672 –  1719) wrote and served in government with great success. This individual was Lancelot Addison the Reverend’s eldest son. His prominence can be attributed to his connection with Richard Steele, with whom he co-founded The Spectator. In this context, we are going to discuss the death of sir roger summary in short.

The first part of  Death of Sir Roger summary

The news of Sir Roger’s death was first brought to Sir Andrew Freeport through a letter from a friend in the countryside. It informed that Sir Roger was giving an address at the country sessions when he caught a cold. But since the letter was written by a Whig, who was supposed to be an enemy of Sir Roger, there was a doubt about the truth of the news. But afterwards, the chaplain proved the news.

The spectator learned that Sir Roger had gone to attend a country assembly to save a widow from being wronged by a neighbouring gentleman. He could not see the people who are in pain. He was a soft-hearted man. So, he went up to help the widow. It was a cast of that time that, whenever a priest or the head of the country attended an audition, he was honoured with Sirloins (a special beef). Sir Roger liked those sirloins very much, but on that day, he had no appetite for that at all.

After coming home, he talked about his feelings with his legman, telling him that he does not feel like having his favourite roasted beef. In spite of his bad condition, he maintained his friendly behaviour. There was a slight hope of recovery when he received a letter from the widow whom he loved. But nothing worked and ultimately, he embraced death.

The second part of the summary

Sir Andrew Freeport, a member of the Whig party, had enmity with Sir Roger as they held different political views. Most of the time they got locked in debates over laws and parliamentary acts. Sir Andrew Freeport got the news of Sir Roger’s death. But in a session, he spread the news that Sir Roger died by cold. Later on, in front of the whole club, the author presented a letter, written by the Butler of Sir Roger, carrying genuine and detailed information about Sir Roger.

The letter said that Sir Roger was a pious, virtuous and benevolent person and a friend of the poor. It also said that he behaved well towards all his servants and donated to every poor man in the parish and every poor man broke down at the news of his death. This information touched Sir Andrew Freeport. Furthermore, Sir Roger once sent a book for Andrew Freeport, which was a collection of the acts of the parliament.

Sir Roger and Sir Andrew Freeport used to debate all the acts. It was stated in the book that Sir Roger was the loser in the debate. Sir Roger’s mentioning of his own defeat in the book impressed Sir Andrew Freeport. Learning Sir Roger’s honesty and benevolent deeds, Sir Andrew Freeport became emotionally overwhelmed and burst into tears.

The last part of  the summary

Sir Roger, a friend of poor people went to attend a country session to give justice to a widow and her children who were maltreated by a neighbour. Sir Roger tried to help that widow and her children. On that day he was honoured with the sirloins-a type of roasted beef which he was fond of. But unfortunately, he lost his appetite for it on that day. When he returned home, his physical condition began to deteriorate. Everybody thought he would get well after some time. But his condition deteriorated further and finally, he breathed his last.

Sir Roger, when alive, wished to be buried with the Coverly family. According, he was buried among the Coverly families. He was buried beside the left side of his father’s grave. Sir Roger’s six tenants wearing mourning suits carried the coffin. The men were in frieze coats and the women were in black riding hoods. Every man in the community had a heavy heart for Sir Roger’s death. It was the most melancholic day in the country. Everyone was crying for him. Even the dumb dog of Sir Roger got depressed. He was buried with due honour.

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